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Company profile

Eagle Fortress Hair Products Factory, as a leader in hair care industry, has got a great reputation during these 10 years. Nowadays,Eagle Fortress is famous for its professional service and qualified hair tools. What Eagle Fortress concentrates are not only the quality and technical improvements on products, but also satisfaction from hairdressers. Being a conscientious company,we believe that excellent after-sale service  is always a great support to products. You are always welcome to provide your feedback for us to improve our products.

During the past 10 years, Eagle Fortress had supplied numerous qualified hair tools /promotion products for many famous brands and hair academies . At the same time,Eagle Fortress also built up its cooperation relationship with more than 2 thousand distributors/wholesalers in Europe, Asia,Australia and other areas. Products  were used by millions of hairdressers. 

The scale of Eagle Fortress:

  • covers more than 60,000 m2
  • owns two showrooms in Guangzhou city center and Hua Du district
  • supply the employment for 1,000 staffs
  • produces most kinds of hair tools including all apparels for hair saloon, accessories like tool bags for hairdressers,electronic tools (such as flat irons, curling irons and other hair care equipment) and other tools (etc. hair clips, tinting brush,tinting bowls, trolleys)

To visit our showroom or factory, please contact us and make appointment for better service.

Contact email:


The address of showroom in Guangzhou : Room 203, Peng Jing Building, No.585 Ji Chang Road, Guangzhou, 510430

Tel. : 0086 20 36319788